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Why Smoking and Diabetes is a Lethal Combination

If you have diabetes and cannot quit smoking, then you might probably have a death wish. Quitting on the cigarettes could be your only cure as we all now know the health risks that accompany these rolled sticks of tobacco. Smokers increase the possibility of incurring nerve damage, a well known complication of having diabetes. Smoking and diabetes is a bad combination and the best thing you can do for yourself is find a way to quit. Both physical and mental problems can arise when you are combining the dangers of smoking and diabetes. The American Health Institute came up with a study that 22,000 people who are diabetics increase their chances of having heart-related maladies by 50 percent when they are smokers too. Don't be afraid to seek support as you are making changes that will definitely improve your health and the quality of your life.

Another issue in having diabetes is getting too much sugar that your system can't handle it. Hyperglycemia could be associated with excessive intake of sugary food items in one meal and you could pass out if this happens since your blood sugar levels might be off the roof! It is evident that diabetes has many complications and risks. Type 1 diabetes is yet another principal health threat conducive for developing weight problems. Respiratory ailments are also common with smokers and often this means swings in blood sugar when they get sick. That are just some of the health dilemmas you are facing when you combine smoking with your blood sugar spikes. And we are not yet through in enumerating the harmful effects of smoking.

When a smoker sees spike in blood sugar, ketoacidosis could be as predictable as Tom Cruise in an action movie. Diabetic ketoacidosis is a medical emergency and warrants immediate hospital admission. Not to mention, if you do smoke, you are aware that people around you could catch the harmful chemicals that you inundate the air? Indeed, critical health concerns have could sprout up as a consequence of second-hand smoke that is definitely so unpleasant since several people in your family tend to be non-smokers. Orthostatic hypotension may also develop, particularly among people who execute tough physical labor or conditions leading to excessive sweating. Quitting smoking always puts things in your favor and you the benefits of it should be magnified especially if you are suffering from diabetes.

Smokers get the smoking experience without the health risks to themselves and others. It is an apt choice of supplement for improving the overall health and well-being of person. Diabetics who smoke make the management of the disease harder and amplify the effects of diabetes quadrifold. Smokers who have diabetes triple their risks for stroke, heart disease and hardening of the arteries. This is reason enough to make a switch to getting used to healthy habits and nurturing a lifestyle that is free from the harmful chemicals that a single stick of cigarette could unleash inside you.

Not a foolproof method but if you are more dependent on improving your life, it might be worth a try to develop a healthier lifestyle. Getting on a diet might also be heaven-sent for people intending to quit the stick. They say that being in a gym or doing workouts could cut your tobacco craving by 40 percent. Getting exercise is not only a good form of quitting mechanism but it could also bestow you a lot of health benefits. You may not realize it but you really need to give up smoking so as not to amplify the effects of diabetes in your body. Or else, you might be suffering all the health consequences enumerated above. Aren't you scared?
Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Diabetes Around The World

Diabetes is a lifelong disease which there is too much sugar in the blood. All forms of diabetes are treatable since insulin became available and both type 1 and type 2 diabetes are not curable however type 2 can be controlled through proper medication.

Diabetes is the 3rd leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer.

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Saturday, August 09, 2003
كلما مررت بالقرب منه علقت عيناي بنوافذه المفتوحة التي تطل على غرف وممرات طوابقه العليا وما أمكنني رؤيته في تلك اللحظات السريعة على ما اعتقدت مخيلتي وجوده جعل العلاقة بيني وبينه تكون حميمة بعض الشيء لدرجه أني قررت _ في حال زواجي _ قضاء عدة أيام فيه حتى لو خيروني وقتها بينه وبين القمر وبالرغم من أن الموضوع اسهل من الأماني والتمني لكني ربما أتكلم عن قضاء بعض الأوقات المميزة مع شخص مميز . فقد كان من الأماكن الجميلة القليلة والقليلة جدا في مدينة البصرة ، بمساحته الكبيرة وواجهته الخشبية ذات التصميم الرائع وحدائقه المنسقة وقاعات الحفلات والمناسبات التي تميزت بتنظيمها هذا بالإضافة إلى كافتيرياتة المختلفة المناخات والتي تكفي لمن يرتادها أن يتناول كوب من _الكبتشينو_ حتى يشعر بطعم الهدوء والمتعة يجتاحانه كليا خصوصا وهو يراقب شط العرب الذي كان يواجهه تماما ألا انه وللأسف دمر بالأيدي البشرية كحال ملايين الأشياء التي لم تدمرها الآليات العسكرية _ عجبا _ كيف امتلك البعض كل هذه الجرأة بحيث يمد يداه لينهب ويسرق لا بل ويترك النار تأكله لعدة أيام ،كثيرا ما اعتقدت أن من يقوم بمثل هذا فاقدا للرزانة والقدرة على التفكير لا بل فاقدا العقل أصلا ألا أنني عندما مررت قبل يومين فقط ورأيت مجموعة من الأشخاص لا زالوا يحاولون نزع بعض الأشياء من الجدران ، والتي بالتأكيد ليست ذات أهميه وألا لكانت سرقت في وقتها , بكل تأني وهم مرتدين ملابس مخصصة للعمل طبعا _خوفا على تلف ملابسهم _ علمت بأنهم ليسوا فاقدي العقل أو حتى الرزانة وانما هم متفقين على شرعية ما يقومون به … عندها أطرقت رأسي حزنا وخجلا على الرغم من أن فندق الشيراتون ليس آخر ما دمر في العراق ولا أول ما دمر في نفسي . Every time I pass near it my eyes keep looking at the open windows showing the rooms and walkways on the upper floors. The quick glimpses and the rest that was filled out by my imagination made me have such a strong wish to spend there a couple f days when I get married. Even if I was given the choice to spend some time on the moon I would have chosen this special place with a special person. It was one of the very few beautiful places in Basra. The big spaces, the beautifully designed wooden façade and the gorgeous gardens. The big festivities halls. And the many cafes where you can have a cappuccino and enjoy the view of the river which is right in front of it. But unfortunately it has been destroyed by the hands of people like many other things which if they have survived destruction thru military attacks were destroyed by people. How strange, how could someone not only have the nerve steal and loot but to let the fire eat these places for days. I often thought that these people were not sane. A couple of days ago I went by the lace and saw a couple of people still trying to rip things from its walls, things which are surly worthless otherwise they would have been looted a long time ago. They were doing what they were doing very slowly with no hurry and wearing work overalls, they wouldn’t want their clothes to get dirty, would they? I realized they were not only insane but they totally believe in the legitimacy of what they are doing……. I turned my face away in sadness and shame although the Basra Sheraton is not the last thing to be destroyed in Basra nor the first thing whose destruction hurts me.
وحين جاءَ أوان الورد فكرتُ لو أني خلعتُ جميع خواتمي ولبستُ قميصي الأخضر الواسع وقبعتي الريفية ومضيتُ إليك علك حين تراني تدركُ أن حفيدَ ربيع رحيلكَ جاء وأصابعي لا زالت عارية الساعة الثانية والنصف بعد منتصف الليل والأسطورة (عبد الحليم حافظ) يغني نعم يا حبيبي نعم …أيامي قبلك ندم وأيامي بعدك عدم ، وأنا أخربش بالورقة والقلم التي كانت بيدي الأبيات السابقة لشعر قديم كتبته قبل سنتين , لكني فكرت… لو كان في العراق (المحتاج فعلا للإرادة القوية)كثيرا مثلي يتعاملون مع عثرات واقعهم الخاص بهذه السلبية فسيكون على العراق الذي أريد له السلام بالتأكيد… السلام . [this is a beautiful entry and my translation is going to kill it, sorry Ishtar] when the roses started blossoming again I thought I might Take off all my rings And wear my wide green dress, My peasant hat And come to you So that when you see me you might notice That the grandson of the spring of your departure has come And my fingers are still naked ------------------------------------------------ it is two thirty after midnight, the legend abdul-Halim is singing (yes my dearest…yes). My days before I met you are regretful and my days after you left are emptiness. And here I am scribbling on the paper which has on it lines I wrote two years ago. I was thinking …….. if there are many here in Iraq, an Iraq which needs our strong resolve these days, if there are many who like me deal with the stumbles in their lives with such passivity we just might loose our Iraq.
Thursday, July 10, 2003
ولاني احتياجاتي صارت كبيرة لدرجة أنها أصبحت تؤشر سلبا على مزاجي ذاك المسكين الذي لم يكن ينقصه مضايقة من هذا النوع ، قررت أخيرا الذهاب للتسوق ، متجاهلة ولو بقتل خارجي مقللة خطورة الخروج بغير حجاب ( وخصوصا لمكان كالسوق مثلا ) بارتدائي وللمرة الأولى تنوره طويلة وعريضة .. عرضة جدا وممتص لم تختلف كثيرا عن سابقته ( التنورة ، الا باحتوائه على أكمام كانت هي الأخرى طويلة وعرضة فكان المنظر أشبه ما أكون مرتديه جلباب طويل ، لا بل اضطررت وبالرغم من هذا الصيف اللهيب الحاقد آلي وضع الحجاب عانى رأسي الذي كان قد قارب في هذا الوقت بالتحديد على الانفجار .. ربما لشعوري المزعج بالاستلام لغير رغبتي ، وربما لاعتقادي المشاركة بترويج تلك الرغبة بتطبيقي لها ، ولكن وعلى كل حال فهذا الوضع افضل مما تعرضت لمضايقة ما ، قد تكون وحسب ما وصفوها بسكين صغيرة آو لسان طويل ، السوق كان مختلف تماما عن السابق كغيره من الأشياء ، فمحال الألبسة التي كانت راقية لا تنفع ألان آلا لا إقناع سكان الكهوف للشراء من بضائعها خصوصا وقد صعب على أصحابها إزالة حتى الغبار الذي تراكم عليها ، أسعارها المرتفعة مثيرة للسخرية لتناقضها مع سعر تصريف صديقها الدولار وخصوصا آن الاثنين كانا على نفس الوتيرة في الماضي ، شارع ( آبو الأسود ) الشارع الرئيسي في السوق قد امتلآ تماما بالباعة الذين أعاقوا لكثرتهم مرور سيارات الأجرة الضرورية لمثل هذا المكان وباستثناء أكياس الحليب الباودر التي اختفت تماما من السوق ، البضائع كانت متنوعة ومن مناشئ مختلفة ، فأنواع الاجبان وعلب الخضار والفواكه كانت لا تعد ولا تحصى ، علب اللحوم التي كان يصعب أنواع لحومها ومناشئها لإزالة غلافها الورقي هي الأخرى كانت كثيرة ، عبوات البيبسي كولا مختلفة الأحجام كثيرة جدا في اغلب الحال وبينما آنا كذلك وقد بدأت الحظ تلاشى الخطر الذي وصفوه لي وقبل آن اندم على ارتدائي تلك الملابس المزعجة . سمعت أحد الشياب يخبر آخر وقف جانبه عن محاولته ضرب الفتيات الغير محجبات - وحسب تعبيره - يحبه ما ( لم اسمع نوعها بالتحديد ) عندما فورا أحسست بحالة من الإزعاج والإحباط دفعتني لإنهاء مشروع التسوق هذا على الرغم انه وقتها لم يكن في يدي آلا عشرة أكياس من مسحوق Frutti السويسري . Because the things I need are so many it got to the point where it started negatively affecting my mood, and that didn't need another thing bothering it, I finally decided to go to the market. Ignoring, although only superficially, the danger and trouble of going out without veil specially to a place like the market. I wore for the first time a very wide and long skirt….really wide. And a shirt which was as wide and loose fitting as the skirt, it also had long, loose sleeves so the effect was like wearing a long jubah. And I had to put a Hijab on my head although it was so hot my head was almost exploding. But that might have been because I was feeling annoyed with myself for giving in to some else's wishes and maybe also because I believe that by doing as they wish I am helping in propagating their wishes. Anyway this is better than getting harassed by someone and as I have been told this harassment might take the form of a small knife or a razor-sharp tongue. The market, like so many things now, is very different from what it used to be. The classy clothes shops could only serve caves people with the merchandise they have, specially with the way they look. They have not even managed to clean the shops from all the dust. The prices are so high they are funny especially when compared to the exchange rate after. Abu-Aswad street the main shopping street is full of street vendors who are obstructing the flow of traffic, not even taxis can manage to go through the street. These street vendors have a big variety of merchandise, with the exception of powdered milk which seems to have disappeared from the market. You can find everything and from so many different places. Many different varieties of cheese and canned vegetables and fruits. Canned meat which you can't identify because all the labels have been removed. Soft drinks in many different forms and sizes. As I was looking around I noticed that the fear I have began to disappear and I felt regret for wearing the clothes I have on. As I was having these thoughts I heard a young man tell another beside him that he wished he could attack these unveiled women with a snake. I felt immediately frustrated and annoyed and decided to abandon my trip to the market right there although the only thing I had bought by that time was ten packets of "Frutti" juice powder .
Wednesday, July 09, 2003
بالرغم من كل الوقت الذي أضعته والجهد الذي بذلته ، محاولة آن أخفيه ، محوله آن أغالط نفسي أتصيد الفرص لاثبات عكسه ، ألا أن الوقت ملائم لاعلنه وقتا للمصارحة قد حان ، بحضور ذلك اليأس الجبلي الذي اثقل نفسي المتعبة أساسا بإحاطات السنين لينتظرني آو بالأحرى ليجزئني اجزاءا يصعب جمعها سأعلن عما في داخلي الذي بات يغتصبني بشراسة صرت معها لأملك الوقت بالتفكير حتى بلوم نفسي التي خفتها وسأعترف بأني حاقدة عليك …. نعم آنا حاقدة لكل الشروخ التي أوجدتها في داخلي حاقدة بقدر ما عاناه شعبي ، حاقدة بقدر سنين الحرب التي عشتها ، حاقدة بقدر ما سمعته آذاني من أصوات القنابل والصواريخ ، حاقدة بقدر الدمار الذي رأته عيناي ، بقدر الدماء التي سالت ، بقدر السنين التي ضاعت ، بقدر افتقادي لمستقبل زاهر ، حاقدة بقدر العراقيين الذين تغربوا ، بقدر السياسيين الذين غيبوا حاقدة بقدر معاناتي في ليالي صيف البصرة الرطب بدون ابسط وسائل التي يحتاجها الإنسان ، حاقدة بقدر صعوبة آن أجد في مدينتي ثاني اكبر مدن العراق وسيلة ترفية بسيطة ، حاقدة بقدر كرهي لطريق كليتي الصحراوي الذي توسط المدينة ، بقدر فقدان رغبتي بالحياة ، بقدر حاجتي للحب الذي ضاع فيك …. آنا حاقدة لكل ذلك يا موطني عليك ، حاقدة ولكن يا كرهي ويا حبي آن تفهم حقدي عليك ، آن تختص حقدي عليك حتى لا تجيبني حين أسألك ( مثل كل مرة ) عن طفولتي وشبابي لتقول أنها أشياء منسية وآلا فاسمح لي مجددا آن احقد عليك ….. Despite all the time and effort I have wasted on the attempt to hide it, trying to tell my self I am wrong and hunting for chances to prove my self wrong. I think the time now is right to reveal it, the time to be honest has come. In the presence of that mountain sized despair, which has already burdened my weary heart with the frustrations of all the past years to wait for me now and rip me apart to pieces which are hard to bring back together. I am going to declare what has been gnawing on me brutally from the inside so hard I can't even think about blaming myself for keeping this inside for so long. I will confess that I despise you. Yes, I blame you for creating all these rifts within me, I hate you as much our people have suffered, as much as my ears had to listen to the sounds of bombs and missiles, I hate you as much as the destruction my eyes has seen, as much as I hate the blood that flowed, the wasted years and the loss of my hopes for a future. I hate you as much as all the Iraqis who had to immigrate, as much as the politicians who had to disappear. I blame you for the suffering through the merciless humid and hot nights of Basra without the simplest creature comforts, I blame you for not being able to find the simplest entertainment in my city the second biggest city in Iraq, blame you for the dirt road I have to travel to get to my university which is right in the middle of the city. Blame you for loosing the will to live and for my need for love which was lost in you…….. Because of all that, my dearest Iraq, I despise you. But please, my love and hate, understand my anger. I want you to stop answering my questions about the wasted childhood and youth by saying that these things will be forgotten, because if you do that again you will have to allow me to keep on despising you.
لا زلت اذكر ذلك اليوم ، كأنه كان بالأمس ، لا بل واذكر طعم مرارته الغريب ، حين اعترضني أحد أساتذة كليتي والذي امتهن الوقوف أمام مدخل الكلية لمراقبة الطالبات بدلا من مهنة التدريس ، ليحاسبني بتهمة غريبة هي الأخرى وحسب ما وضعها بالحرف " ارتداء ملابس غالية الآثمان ، وظهرت المفاتن " وامرني آن أسير على طريق الماجدات بترك الاهتمام بهذه الأمور والتوجه للحزب بالعقل والوقت والقلب ، وذكرني بنصائح السيد الرئيس بنسيان الذات والآخذ بمبدأ التكامل الاجتماعي لإزالة الفوارق الطبقية في المجتمع ! وقتها تمنيت لو استطعت إقناعه – آن من الممكن آن تكون كل ماجدة عراقية لاني لم اسمع يوما وبالطبع بماجدة تونسية آو مغربية ( ربما ذلك لأنهن لم يكن ماجدات ) لكنه لا يعني بالضرورة آم تكون كل عراقية ماجدة – لان شرط المجد وحسب معادلتهم هو الانتماء والفعالية للحزب .. لكني بصراحة تراجعت احتراما لذاتي وبهذا أكون قد تجاوزت على نصيحة السيد الرئيس للمرة الثانية هذا الصباح ولان السنين التي مرت لم تنسيني مرارة ذلك الموقف وتلك العقلية ، وصارت تحتاجني وداعا ورغبة كبيرة في آن اعرف مكان هذا الأستاذ الغير محترم الذي بالطبع لم يعد يقف على باب الكلية كالسابق لاحدثه هذه المرة آنا عن الماجدات وعن حزبهن ، فالماجدة " مديرة إحدى الإعدادات " الواسعة الصيت مطلوبة حية آو ميته ، والماجدة " مديرة إحدى المدارس الابتدائية " التي كانت لا تملك الوقت لتدريس تلاميذها لانشغالها بواجبات حزبية نسائية اكثر أهمية يطلق عليها مشاهدة وتعني " مشاهدة عمليات الإعدام " شوهدت مع نخبة من الماجدات في مديرية التربية تلقي تبراة من الحزب القائد ، فآي مجد في ذلك وآي ماجدة تفعل ذلك وآي حزب يرضى بذلك . I still remember that day as if it were yesterday. I even remember the strange bitter taste I had in my mouth when one of my university professors stood in my way to lecture and accuse me of a strange charge: "wearing expensive looking clothes which reveal too much". He apparently decided to change his duties from teaching to female-student patrol. He ordered me to walk the path of the "glorious Iraqi women" [Saddam Hussein made up this name, he used to call them the Iraqi Majida] to let go of these things and to give my heart, mind and time to the Party. He reminded me of the President's advice about being self-sacrificing and to believe in social equality and the abolishing of class differences!! At the time I wanted to discuss the strange concept of the Iraqi Majida Women, and how if the criteria to become a glorious woman was to be Party member and active in it, does that mean that women in Tunis or Morocco can not be glorious. But to tell you the truth I have not said anything out of respect for myself and by that I have broken another one of saddam's advices that morning. Because I have not forgotten the bitterness of that situation neither have I forgotten that mentality, I am now overcome with a big desire to find where that un-respectable professor is now, he doesn't stand at the entrance anymore, to tell him about the Majida and their Party. One Majida who was Principal of a very well known high school is now wanted dead or alive. Another who was head of an elementary school, she never had time for her school because she was on "observation duty" and by that they mean observation of executions, she was seen with another group of her type denouncing the Ba'ath at the education ministry's office in Basra. Where is the glory in that and what glorious women would do that.